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Certified Healthcare Safety Manager (CHSM)

Details about Certified Healthcare Safety Manager (CHSM)

The Certified Healthcare Safety Manager (CHSM) course is a specialized and comprehensive program tailored for individuals seeking advanced expertise in healthcare facility safety management. This course explores in-depth healthcare safety principles, regulatory compliance, risk assessment, and safety program development within the unique context of healthcare settings. Participants will develop specialized competencies required to effectively lead and enhance safety in the dynamic healthcare industry.

The CHSM course is essential for professionals working in healthcare safety and compliance roles, including:

The course includes assignments, practical healthcare safety projects, safety program development for healthcare, examinations, and a healthcare safety capstone project to evaluate participants’ understanding and application of advanced healthcare safety management concepts.

The CHSM program typically spans 1 month, allowing participants to thoroughly cover the extensive content and develop advanced expertise in healthcare facility safety management.