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OSHA 10-Hours for Construction Industry Training

Details About OSHA 10-Hours for Construction Industry Training

The OSHA 10-Hours for Construction Training is a comprehensive program developed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to instill essential safety knowledge and practices in the construction industry. This course provides participants with a foundational understanding of construction safety regulations, hazard recognition, and risk mitigation. It covers key topics such as fall protection, electrical safety, and personal protective equipment. Through engaging learning modules, practical examples, and interactive discussions, participants will acquire the fundamental skills needed to promote safety on construction sites.

The OSHA 10-Hour for Construction Industry Training includes 5 mandatory modules and 2 elective modules, chosen by the training provider, to comprehensively cover essential topics and deliver a well-rounded learning experience. These 7 modules are tailored to ensure a thorough understanding of the OSHA Hours course.

The course may include quizzes and evaluations to gauge participants’ understanding of safety concepts.

The OSHA 10-Hour Training for Construction is typically completed in approximately 10 hours, which can be divided into convenient sessions to accommodate participants’ schedules.